My last Love

Dear my last love, I am sorry that I had decided to break off our beauty love story, I did not mean to hurt you or tried to change your position in my deepest heart. Did you know, actually it was really hard to decide that I had to say to you to make all of our beauty story be ended. I know you’ve been hurting of me, I know that you won’t be forgive me forever and I know also if in the future you’re gonna meet me and that can be possibility you’re trying to not know who I am.

It was easy for you to forget about me after everything we had done together been nice story. I just wanna say that you are actually the nice thing that had happened in my life. But I also wanna say to you that I need your attention I need to be attention by you. But your act just like that, you were just come to me when you need me, but when I need you, you never cared off on me. Why I said like that?,, I know this is big question for you. I can see that from you respond when I told you something, you such as did not wanna know more about my problem.

You have to know also that sometime I need you give some suggestion best resolution by you for me. That is the real relation in my opinion. But think that made off me sometime wanna be end of our love story coz you never tried to change your attitude. Why must be me to understand you. But actually I am still love to you but it’s impossible  to be learned to love again like previous our love.

I am still loving you although you are not anymore.

Ades Saputra

The little angle full of dream.


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